Smiling all the way………………. Reece’s world at Pertemps Enfield


On a busy main road the familiar sign of Pertemps shone out.  A stone’s throw from Enfield Chase station, it’s in a prime position to be busy, busy, busy.    What news would I learn on this bright, sunny dress down Friday?


Pertemps office

On entering, I was met by Reece’s back! sitting at his own desk opposite Ryan his buddy.  See below, Ryan has helped Reece understand the foundations of a Recruitment Consultant and their role within the Pertemps family.


RyAN AND Reece


So, what has Reece learnt – lots! How to make starter packs up, source, register and record candidates, liaise with clients and candidates.  He’s already assigning drivers to jobs!  Reports from Guhar, office manager (below with Reece), are that Reece is great.  Word has reached Patti the Regional Director who tells me he’s doing great.


Reece and Guhar


So what does Reece like about this role?  The challenge it gives him.  Everyday is different and he’s learning all the time.  He feels comfortable with the team at Enfield, including Brona who looks after the warehouse section.  Whilst she isn’t directly involved in mentoring Reece, she’s always there to support.


‘Everyone has been great.  We all help each other.  I’ve even helped a sister office fill their roles’, Reece.


Sounds like the recruitment world has a natural about to join it!