Smoke Free Zone!


Rehana, seen on the left above with colleague Michal at Portico, sent some fantastic news yesterday.  It’s been a whole month without a cigarette!  She’s now a smoke free zone!


As someone who has never smoked, I’ve never understood how difficult it is to give-up.  Since running Growing Talent and seeing the Associates push themselves everyday to secure that permanent, full-time job, I admire those like Rehana who are able to change some of their bad habits whilst on the journey.


Being selected for Growing Talent is pressurised enough.  Giving up nicotine at the same time is admirable – some would say crazy!  Luckily one of the key strengths all Growing Talent Associates have is tenacity.  They set their mind to something and do it.


Rehana was prompted to give up due to being ill – again she never missed any time from the programme.  Whatever caused her to stop, she’s remained a ‘smoke free zone’.


Well done to Rehana and all Growing Talent Associates who all have an amazing strength of character.