Smooth Operator


Based at Pertemps learning the ropes as a Recruitment Consultant, I visited Imran and the team yesterday at their Holborn offices.


How smooth does Imran look in the feature photo?  Considering just four short weeks ago he was really unsure about the opportunity.  How things change!  With guidance from his managers Jamie & Pedro – seen below – he’s ‘got it’ very quickly!



Imran has already secured some candidates and has conquered the basics of recruitment – which can be scary – such as cold calling.


Looking forward to the Holistic Week, Imran is keen to learn more and believes recruitment could be his ‘niche’!


‘I came here with an open mind and willingness to learn.  I love the competitive drive this role gives me’


With an impressive 1st appraisal – scoring one 9 and the rest 10s, he’s set the bar high!


Check back to see how this competitive, driven smooth operator fares over the coming weeks!