So, what did the guys think of the Holistic Week?….


‘Nutrition was the workshop where I learned the most. I didn’t know much about food before and wish I could have spoken longer to Kate’,

‘For many, myself included, the person who signs up for the course will not be the same person leaving – they’ll change for the better! – Believe-Achieve-Succeed!’

‘I’ll be looking to the Holistic Manual for a very long time as my eyes are now open to how little I know in life’.

‘I’ve learned the following about myself – I have talent, I have more confidence than I think and I can do whatever I set my mind to do”

‘Growing Talent is amazing and needs to be nationwide – then global!’

‘At the start of the art workshop, I was a bit intimidated because I’m not the greatest of drawers but as time went on and new techniques were learned I felt more confident’

‘I learned I’m able to adapt to new things quickly’

‘I am very happy to be part of Growing Talent and would recommend it to anyone.’

‘I’ve learned I have a lot of personal resilience’

‘I thought the art class was a nice way to close the Holistic week which encouraging relaxation and creativity’.