So what did the guys think of the Orientation Week?


‘Absolutely fantastic.  Cannot fault it at all.  I would recommend it to anyone.  I have gained confidence, new friends and a new sense of belief and achievement as well as hope for the future.’  Nick Webster


‘A very worthwhile course.  Very enjoyable – so worth doing and sticking with. An amazing opportunity at the end.  I have gained so much knowledge of the business world’. Melissa Ailey


‘I came in not knowing what to expect.  It was definitely worth doing reinforcing some workplace ettiquette.  The experience has been a great confidence boost.’ Kieran Laffon


‘I think the whole experience is uplifting, certainly worth doing and inspirational’. Kearon Callender


‘An amazing opportunity’, Priti Depala


‘This is a great programme and I feel very fortunate to be involved with it’. Michael Gregory


‘I enjoyed the overall experience.  I am really glad that I got onto this programme and will certainly recommend it’, Ernest Chima


‘I’ve had a great time.  I think this programme should be advertised more to make changes within society,’ Fife Hilton Ephraim


‘I loved meeting people in the same situation as me.  It’s given me the strength to move forward, confidence and a job on completion’


‘This week has been a fantastic and unforgettable experience.  A real confidence booster and enabled some good friendships to be made with other Growing Talent Associates’.


‘I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Defintely worth doing.  I’ve gained confidence and the opportunity to get back into work in a job I want to do’. Jacq Boyland


‘You learn things that you never imagined possible’.


‘It was rewarding and uplifting.’


‘The overall experience was amazing, challenging and yes, it is worth doing it’.


‘The experience was amazing, thoughtfull and well presented.  Definitely worth doing.  I’d welcome the opportunity to return to impart what I have learnt to others following me on the Growing Talent course’. Michael Otenigbagbe


‘I have learnt alot of new ideas about how to make myself better.  I would definitely recommend it to others’.


‘I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get back into work.  It’s worth doing – you learn something new’. Leighon Morrison


‘It has given me the focus and motivation to push forward in a difficult time.  Best experience I’ve had in months’.