So, what did the guys think of the Orientation Week?


At the end of an action packed week, we wanted to know what the Growing Talent Associates thought of the framework, visiting manager workshops and the workbook!


Firstly we wanted to know if there had been a growth in confidence or not.  All had and the majority marked ‘Really confident – absolutely believe in myself now’ which was fabulous.


 The Orientation Workbook brought lots of positive feedback including:

‘Very, very helpful.  Direct and concise information’

‘Really great activities to make you think about your capabilities and mindset’

‘Really real.  A good approach and support to go back into work’

‘Very informative, great structure and set of tasks’

‘Breaks down everything so it can be digested very easily’


What did you enjoy most about this week?  Thoughts included:


The support and team I worked with’

‘The final presentation’

‘The presentation practice and meeting new people’

‘It’s given me confidence and granted me a new perspective’

‘Preparing the presentations, talking and listening to different people in different positions and learning about their experiences’

‘Getting the opportunity, meeting new people, news perspectives and ideas’

‘Working with past Growing Talent Associates and Managers’

‘The lunches!  I also enjoyed meeting Ben Noah and Jon Barnes

Ben, a senior manager within PwC delivered a great workshop on communication and personal presentation – Give Yourself the Edge.  Below illustrates how this was received:


Ben intro



‘Very good and constructive’

‘I now have an insight into how body language and tone play such an important role in the world of employment’

‘It was interesting – I learnt a lot’

‘Engaging and informative’

‘Allows you to think about how you are perceived – gave me something to think about’

‘Good workshop, made us reflect on work situations and how to deal with them’

‘I liked it.  It should have been longer!  the body language workshop was very informative’

‘Liked the blindfold exercise and the talk after’


Chris Thompson return to deliver a workshop on communication and workplace perceptions/dangers.  As an ex participant of the programme Chris is able to relate to the Growing Talent Associates easily and share his top tips on getting through.  The following are some of the thoughts on Chris’s workshop:





‘Excellent audience involvement’

‘Gave visual representation on where we could be on completion’

‘Hearing Chris’s experience was a great encouragement’

‘So much fun.  I really enjoyed it’

‘Really helpful and relateable’

‘A really enthusiastic person, a real example of Growing Talent Associates’

‘I wish he’d stayed longer’

‘Very original’

‘His way of talking made it easier to digest and process information’

The presentations the guys referred to are the Social Enterprise presentation presented before a panel of senior managers from business.   A nerve racking experience to focus on thought process, communication and personal presentation – all essential criteria within employment.  Camilla went on to win this seen below being presented with her ‘winner’s cup’ by Jon Barnes of PwC:

camilla winner copy


An overriding feeling was:

’10/10 would not change a thing about Growing Talent.  I’m grateful I was given the opportunity and that something was seen within me that made employers feel I was worthwhile’.

If you feel Growing Talent could be for you, or you know someone who would benefit, get in touch.