So, who was selected? & what happened on the Orientation Week?


The feature photo is a little misleading.   There is a 5th Growing Talent Associate – Shae!  Unfortunately, she’s camera shy.  So, left to right we have Delroy – going to Ballymore, Jordan – going to Harrow Green, Imran going to Pertemps & Nooh also going to Harrow Green.  Shae is joining Imran at Pertemps….


They commenced the Orientation Week as little more than strangers but ended it with solid bonds and mutual respect.


This was a shortened week due to the Spring Bank Holiday.    Day one involved a tour of the venue – Southwark Cathedral to learn how people through the ages had grabbed an opportunity and run with it – similar to what the Growing Talent Associates do!  Communication with Jade from Customer Care First was next on our compact Agenda.


Jade setting-up and ready to go…..

One of Jade’s challenges is to describe a picture to your partners and they have to draw what they hear.  Delroy has the easy job of describing the picture!


We were lucky to have Lesley – Head of H&S with PwC to deliver her 3Rs workshop.  Refuel, Renewal and Rejuvenate are essential to employment.  Lesley covered a wide knowledge base including nutrition, food cost comparisons, staying alert at work etc.



All said they learnt a lot !

Throughout the week, we focussed each day on a Social Enterprise Challenge which they were to deliver singularly before a panel of managers from their employer sites – no pressure then!

All five devised and delivered some great ideas ranging from food to sports to handbags!  But there can be only one winner:   Jordan!

and in action…..



The journey continues…….