Solid Connections From London to Tanzania


Six years ago Jamie from Pertemps – key kindness guru and supporter of Growing Talent, brought along his new associate nineteen year old Adam to our Employer Speed Dating Event – 1st stage selection by employers for a place on Growing Talent.

Enthused, energised, Adam lit up the room and even delivered an impromptu rap for us. Smiles abound.

Over the years, Adam supported Growing Talent and stayed in touch with me through his new corporate posts.

Always one to embrace opportunities and run with them, even when their destination is not clear, Adam found himself visiting a friend in Tanzania when Covid hit the world and he was locked down! Despite being away from familiar surroundings, Adam grasped the virtual world to stay connected with everyone he knew, support where he could and of course help Pertemps as an international consultant.

Two plus years on, Adam popped in for a catch-up. Learning of his ideas and plans was inspiring. Learning about life in Tanzania through Covid and now from someone who actually lives there gives a picture of reality over the assumptions our minds make.

So, what is the intention of this post? To illustrate the importance of Growing Talent’s ethos:

  • Grab every opportunity – you have no idea where it will lead. Regardless of the outcome, you will learn, grow and become more awesome than you already are. In addition, it could be the best decision you ever make.
  • Maintain, nurture and grow your connections. The more you are kind, respectful to and make others feel valued, the more inclined they will be to show you the same back.