That Tuesday Feeling……….


There isn’t a typical ‘Tuesday Feeling’ on a Growing Talent Orientation Week!  What is certain is firm bonds are made between strangers very quickly.  Supporting each other on the Growing Talent journey is the best support.


Today, we continued communication – the crux of successful employment.  Examining the impact of body language, ensuring our perception is fact and reflection back after listening.  Simple skills we often ignore.  When was the last time you greeted a colleague in the corridor by asking them how they were and continuing your journey without waiting for the answer? – we all do it.  What a great relationship can be ignited when we stop, focus and listen.


Examining Wally the New York taxi driver on his journey to improving his business just by being the best version of him and the sales technique shared by Ismail Khan – Marketing Specialist at Index Exchange LLC, United Arab Emirate were two core topics covered today.


A dry run through of the Social Enterprise ideas enabled all to share their thoughts on each others presentation giving advice on content and delivery.


Another exhausting but fun day pushing the boundaries of self endurance……