The audacity of hope…


I received a ‘farewell’ and thank you message this morning which re-affirmed a fundamental teaching of Growing Talent – you can do anything – if you believe you can.

” To say you have made an amazing change in my life is short of reality. Your teachings, your energy, your passion, your belief have always been with me. May your light shine for many years to come”

Self-empowerment is the building block of Growing Talent and the core reason why most people are out of work.

In 2019, Estela was successful in gaining a place on Growing Talent with a corporate employer in a front of house position – something she never believed possible.

At the time, she had a dream to open her own yoga, meditation and breath work business including overseas retreats.

Her tenacity in nurturing that dream, planning the steps to achieve it whilst being there for her family and holding down her corporate role took strength and courage – which has now paid off.

Today is her last day as an employee before her business becomes a reality tomorrow.

Her journey proves the power of hope and the audacity to dream = everything is possible.

Fly high Estela!