The campaign begins………


Try before you buy.  Completely free……..  What’s the catch?


The question at the end is often the response I receive from employers.  Who despite all the evidence continue to recruit in their traditional way – cv, interview, maybe assessment, job offer.  Mainly they pay an agency a fee for finding candidates and get a scaled refund if they don’t work out.  The time spent often matches or exceeds the agency fee!


HR Review came up with the costs for recruiting traditionally highlighted below:



The benefits of recruiting the Growing Talent way on personality – clearly tick the cost box – £0.  We have the evidence of over 116 people who have gone into permanent jobs and the development of their careers from all educational, social and employment backgrounds. Thus delivering sustainable added value to employers.


We are launching a poster campaign.  Harrow Green – a staunch supporter of Growing Talent from the beginning- are sending out 200 posters to their clients/suppliers.


Will the tide turn and common sense prevail?  Watch this space!