The difference saying thank you makes…..


It’s automatic to go through life and not notice when someone does a good job, let alone say ‘thank you’. The difference it makes to the person saying thank you and the person receiving thanks is priceless.

I’m so lucky running Growing Talent. I’m evaluated at every stage by the Growing Talent Associates on every programme. I’m also very lucky to receive flowers, chocolates, cards and gifts when they are employed and have that first salary. Even though I nag about savings!!!

Today I received card and roses from Sharlene a recent Graduate of Growing Talent which came at the best time.

No matter what level of seniority we are, knowing we do a good job is crucial. It energises us and spurs us on to do more.

Make a point of not only saying ‘thank you’ where it’s needed – no matter if it’s someone making your tea or the CEO – but reflect each day on the great job you do. There is nothing more powerful.