The Likely Lads? – No it’s Phil & Kieran!


Phil has worked for MitieTDM within their Rapid team on the PwC account at More London for some time.  The building – unique in environmental sustainability resembles a spaceship in shape.  There are multiple floors.  With the Firm’s Hotelling way of working – the team working in Rapids have to be on their toes with changes in desk locations and so on.


They are responsible for delivering urgent documents and items of value immediately – hence the ‘Rapids’ title!  This is a unique environment for Growing Talent Associates and can be overwhelming to start with.


Phil and his team are adept at training and mentoring.


My visit today was to learn how things were going.  ‘I’ve tried really hard to think of some negatives’ said Phil ‘but I can’t!  Kieran is a great match to the role.  The team and clients interact well with him and he has picked up the role quickly.  This is great feedback for Kieran to hear.


So what was Kieran’s view?  Just as positive.  He loves being back at work.  Of course, it will be even better when his first salary comes in!  He even bumped into an old school friend he had lost touch with who is now working in Mergers with PwC.  They were really close at school.  Small world!


So I left Kieran to ponder what he’ll be doing on the London Vibe next week…………….