The power of a chance to change….


A chance to change for some willing to take the leap into the unknown has arrived!

The 35th Employer Speed Dating event on Growing Talent takes place Tuesday 31 October in London

Weeks of preparation have led up to this point. Information sessions, job fairs, marketing on social media – not my strongest attribute!!! – completion of registration forms, security, hospitality and venue arrangements just to name a few things.

Of course none of this would be possible without our funders, the work coaches in JobCentre Plus – passionate to support some of their customers into jobs a different way – the customers themselves taking that leap of faith to go through a recruitment process that doesn’t involve a cv or traditional interview and the trailblazing employers willing and open minded to seek their new talent in a unique way.

34 hugely talented, but currently unemployed people are invited to our event on Tuesday.

What will the outcome be? You’ll need to check back to find out!

David Steeds
Pilgrims Risk Management Group
Masterfix GB Limited
Pertemps Network Group