The power of nurture…


One of the things I love about Summer mornings is the light first thing. Even living in the City, there’s a certain peace you can almost hear first thing.

It’s the time I love best for watering/feeding my plants. It clears my mind from the pressures of the day ahead and makes me focus on something else.

The amount of new ideas I get during this period for adaption/additions to Growing Talent – a social mobility talent programme, ADHD coaching sessions – individuals and workplace and I-Act mental health and wellbeing is noticeably more fruitful at this time than any other.

As my garden is completely container filled, it can take me close to an hour to feed all the plants. Each has different requirements so a watering can, not hose, is essential! Not only does my mind get more creative during this process, but after I feel more energised too.

So I’ve benefited my plants
Cleared my mind for fresh ideas
Got more energy and feel more enthused.

Isn’t that the same for those managing teams in the workplace who nurtures themselves and their teams?

From Team leaders upwards, the responsibility to nurture, encourage and develop your teams is critical but impossible if you haven’t nurtured yourself first.

An exhausted manager will have an exhausted team.

So, put your self care first. Prioritise it. Schedule it into your diary each day. You wouldn’t leave home without brushing your teeth.

Why is your mind less important than your teeth?

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