The Wednesday Challenge……..


The ‘Challenge’ came from Jade of CCF – an organisation which delivers bespoke communication workshops.


Splitting the group into two teams each with a selected leader.  Team one was led by Funke


Team two lead by Antana……

Each had a design of a basic lego building.  Without showing the drawing, the Team Leader’s role was to ensure the building was completed within 10 minutes and accurately resembled the design!   Just within the time limit – Antana’s team won.  Comprising Munira, Asher and Antana….


So what did the exercise prove?  All agreed clear, calm and basic instructions are essential in getting a job done – especially one with a time limit.


Using different video clips, Jade illustrated good and bad body language.  Jade then explored how communication topics might differ between peers/managers compared to clients/customers.  When does banter flip over to flirting and when does this become unacceptable?  A potential mine field for anyone who has been out of employment for a while.


With confidence raised and top tips learnt, Jade left us to continue with the Social Enterprise preparation……