The weekend is here!…..


Enjoy a relaxing weekend Fru, Joseph & Shanika before the employment stage of Growing Talent commences on Monday!

The dreams and goals you’ve sent yourself are now in reach.

@Growing_Talent we couldn’t be prouder of your tenacity and patience.  

Now is the time to let your talent shine!

Thanks to SPS & Stace for making the process quicker so the magic can start to happen sooner than thought! 

Also thanks to Team Lois Collins – Tom, Soraya, James & Co – embracing Growing Talent yet again #awesomesupport

Fru, Joseph & Shanika’s peer Ola will enjoy the relaxation of the weekend too. Ola started with the empowering Melinda, Andrew Ingham and their team ISS A/S on Wednesday – after sitting mock exams the day before! What a week it’s been for Ola!

The final member of this fantastic group of talent people, Wing, will join Lasse and his team Pilgrims Risk Management Group soon.

Of course none of this would happen with out the support of our funders and of course the drive and navigation of Allen Salmon – thank you.

Shout out to #JobCentrePlusRob Matthews (Anna) David Steeds and everyone behind the scenes supporting Fru, Shanika & Joseph on their Growing Talentjourney.