The world of Cristel!


I encountered two ‘eye openers’ on my site visit to Cristel on Growing Talent 10 with Portico’s team in Broadgate – how professional she looked – check out the feature photo.


The second eye opener was how the area has changed in recent years.  Yes, there is still a lot of building works but there are niche businesses springing up making the shopping experience in the Liverpool Street Station area a lot more interesting!


Dotted around are interesting art installations such as the colour boxes below.  Subtle enough to not be intrusive but interesting enough to make our brains switch away from business and onto an imagainary journey of ‘how was that conceived’ ‘what stages did the installers go through’ ‘what was the artist thinking and how do they feel now it’s in place’ Even a short distraction can re-charge our brain power.


Broadgate boxes


Cristel explained the front of house duties as a member of Portico’s Welcome Host team.  Eye contact, standing to greet all visitors – giving them the 5*hotel experience.  Checking the meeting rooms was another area to learn – stationery in the room must always be at optimum levels, chairs left a certain way etc.  There’s a lot to learn!


Probably the biggest challenge is learning how to work with different, sometimes challenging personalities after being out of work for so long.  Something we don’t usually think about when we have the confidence and experience to handle such situations. Life is an interesting learning journey!


Watch this space for Cristel’s progression over the coming weeks……………..