The world of work with Shennell…………..


Shennell is based at Iron Mountain’s data centre close to Canning Town station.    The journey takes her just over one hour – which she feels is pretty quick!  Working with the data entry team, Margaret and Monica have been showing Shennell the ropes.


Always busy, Iron Mountain’s team look after a huge amount of client data.  There are always multiple projects – all different – to meet individual client needs.  Attention to detail is crucial followed by speed.  Shennel is really enjoying the role and the potential to diversify later on.


The structure of the day made it go really quickly explained Shennell.  As everyone has their breaks at the sametime, it’s a good opportunity to catch-up.


Seen below with Dave Flowers – one of the managers assisting Russ – on site, Shennell was soon back to work with the team……….


Shennel and Dave