They keep delivering!


Caught up with Rosie today – National Design & Print Manager at PwC whose team selected Bernie & Amar to be based at More London and Navin based at Embankment Place – photo above shows the dynamic trio with senior managers Lois from MitieTDM & Allen of PwC.

Rosie shared how well all three are doing. Bernie & Amar were left ‘holding the fort’ yesterday. What growth in such a short space of time. To win the trust of an employer to deliver an exemplary service without supervision in such a short space of time shows amazing integrity. Well done guys.

Then, more great news catching-up with Julie – UK Client Account Director for Portico shared how brilliantly Katrina (seen on the left below during the orientation week with Natasha who joined Firmdale Hotels) performed during a recent high profile government minister’s last minute visit at PwC Embankment Place for a filmed interview. Portico look after the guest experience. Katrina stayed calm, proactive and delivered what was required along with her colleagues.

What makes me so proud is these guys only completed Growing Talent 21 mid-May. To deliver such service after such a short period of time in the workplace is admirable and proves the confidence building success of Growing Talent – #yesyoucan

All Growing Talent Associates continue to deliver when they are employed. The are committed, driven and continue to grow and develop with employers nurturing them.

Can’t wait to see what Growing Talent Graduates get up to next!

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