Time to self reflect?


My specialist area for the past 15 years has been Workplace Wellbeing.

Working with diverse organisations and their teams in different areas of wellness at all levels, I’ve seen first hand the negative impact of acting on assumptions rather than facts can have.

In this 24/7 social media world, the noise of mis-information seems to be growing louder and is never off.

Believing and sharing absolutely everything we see and hear without question can have a damaging impact on us and how we show up to others at home and work.

Ipsedixitism – the dogmatic assertion that something is true because someone, somewhere said it, without offering any supporting evidence whatsoever – and HISHIT can show-up in any area of our lives.

It’s key to reflect on where we are, what we believe is right and not accept everything as factually right without challenge.

Do you agree?

Be individual. Be you.

A restful bank holiday to you and yours….