Top marks for the Orientation Week? Let’s check out the evaluations!


As we’ve always stated Growing Talent is not a ‘refer and forget’ programme. It’s a partnership between the unemployed, JCP, Employers and Growing Talent. At each key point, the unemployed participants – known as Growing Talent Associates – evaluate the process including those involved.

So what did they think of the Orientation Week workshops?

Confidence scale: All had grown as you can see below:

Confidence on Monday Confidence on Friday

0 8

5 9

6 10

5 8

What did they learn about themselves over this week?

‘That I can do things and not to give up too early’

‘I’m able to do much more than I think’

‘This has made me a lot more optimistic about the future’

‘I learned I’m not as shy as I’ve always believed!’

All agreed the location and food was brilliant but what about the workshops themselves?

3rs – Zest for Life with Lesley – Head of Health, Safety & Environment at PwC

Lesley commencing her 3Rs – Zest for Life Workshop!

‘An opener with useful information and some tools I can use to stay healthy’

‘Great fun. Full of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. I loved every minute of this workshop”

‘Extremely useful and important’

‘Informative and reliable made me think more’

Communication with Jade from Customer Care First

‘Great tips to communicate effectively in the workplace’

‘One of the best workshops I have done. Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.’

‘Very informative for home and work”

Art Therapy with Emma from Unravelling Minds

‘I liked just letting my mind wander. Good to learn how some people cope with mental health issues using art’

‘So relaxing’

‘Emma was extremely kind and warm which made this a fun and enjoyable workshop.’

Juliet’s vision of her important things….

‘The open approach and affirmation of the importance and power of creativity was really useful.’

What were the thoughts of the trainer/mentor throughout? Especially important as that person is me!

‘Extremely helpful, and such a lovely person with so much knowledge’

‘A wonderful lady. Really enjoyed meeting Jane. She made it relaxed and fun’.

‘Patient and encouraging, Jane gives good advice’

‘Jane makes everyone feel important and brings out the best in them’

So overall, are they glad they made the decision to apply for Growing Talent?’

‘Definitely, I wish I had known of it years ago.’

‘Yes, it gave me a chance to move forward and see what the future holds. Thank you Jane.’

‘100% yes!’

‘Extremely glad and happy as I now have a foot in the door’

Check back to see how the Growing Talent Associates get on…. especially working on their employer sites – Pertemps, Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster and Churchill Group