Top Tips & Motivational Thoughts…..


We ask every Growing Talent Associate at the end of their journey to give their tips and thoughts to help those following them.

We use these in our Orientation and Holistic Week manuals as well as on social media – with their permission of course!

So what did Growing Talent 21 Associates think:

Top Tips….

‘Remember your goal’

“This will provide you with great skills and attributes in the workplace – relax and learn”

“Growing Talent is a blessing. Embrace it and look forward to a brighter, positive future”

“Be open minded and willing to learn about yourself and the workplace. Confidence and self-belief were two areas I lacked in. Growing Talent gave me both”

“The friends you make on Growing Talent will help you grow further. The experience is worth it. Listen to Jane”

“Make sure this is what you want to do and have the right attitude”

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions – and get in early to have the breakfast!”

“The more you contribute the more you’ll take from the experience!’

“Never give up. Be open minded”

“Listen and take everything on board it will help both in your work and personal life”

& their motivational thoughts:

‘Having a stable job makes life a lot less stressful – keep at it!”

“Be open minded – always”

“The friends you make here will help you more than you’ll expect so open up and help each other”

“You create a nice bond with each other”

“Be yourself. Be positive”

“Just do it. Don’t stop believing you can do it”

“Don’t let the bad days let you forget the opportunity”

“Growing Talent rocks”!

“Don’t miss this opportunity”

“You can succeed. Many have completed this programme and so can you!”