Unemployed – don’t judge….


I am always impressed and amazed by the integrity and tenacity of the majority of Growing Talent Associates on each programme.


The unique weather which has hit the UK over the past couple of days has amplified my view on the entire current group of Associates on – Growing Talent 16.


Every day Tara, Victoria, Paul, Charizelle & Olivier have made it in despite challenges to transport.  Victoria shared with me one day she had a 3 hour journey in and 3 hours to get home from the Bromley area to London!  I know many employees who aren’t getting in.  The Growing Talent Associates aren’t currently employed.  They are on Growing Talent voluntarily.  All are technically unemployed yet display a tenacity, commitment, dedication and solid work ethic many of the colleagues they will be joining don’t.



Victoria seen on the right above…..


In addition to the weather, Charizelle  had to contend with a different problem.  Due to internal issues at her Job Centre, she has received no travel funds.  Most in her position wouldn’t go in but Charizelle is looking at all options.



Charizelle centre above


I’m very privileged to work with the unemployed who secure a role on Growing Talent so my views are based on real experience.  It’s easy to pre-judge people based on their label without getting to know anything about them.


Firmdale Hotels and Pertemps are on course to get some fabulous new, committed talent in their businesses by seeing the individual and not their label.


So, base your opinion of people on what you know – not their labels and your perception.  You’ll  miss out if you don’t.