Waste Not Want Not…….. Dan’s in the house…….


Dan fell into waste and recycling some years back.  It wasn’t a career choice but he now loves his industry.  Part of the Account Management team with Suez UK, Dan is a mine of information!


His workshop focussed on home and away – not the soap opera – but how what we recycle at home differs – depending on the borough we live in and resources they have – to what we recycle at work.


Currently Councils have a target to recycle 50% of their waste by 2020.  Some are woefully short.  What is recycled in the workplace can differ widely depending on how large a company is and how important they feel waste is.


Dan explained that a fine is in place to ‘encourage’ all employers to get involved.  Of course the issue will be enforcing this!


Dan then held a quiz to see who had listened the most – very impressive results – all Associates had retained stats, tips and information.


After the quiz and presentation, Dan invited a Q&A session…..


‘Definitely an empowering workshop for at home’

‘I didn’t realise how wasteful we are as human beings’

‘I will definitely put some of this into practice’


‘A new set of 3Rs – Recycle, Reuse and Reduce’


Looks like the workshop was a hit then!