Waste not, want not!


If only the technology worked!  It’s always frustrating planning to show a presentation and films on a different system.  Even more so for Dan who had to use wifi for access to his documents!  Luckily the av team at De Vere Holborn bars were on hand to tweak some wires!


Dan is Suez Environment’s national account manager for PwC and knows all there is to about waste and the circular economy.


Dan waste workshop


He showed the importance of efficient waste management for businesses and the need to recycle properly at work and home.  An interactive discussion then followed on what happens to the waste in the workplace after the Growing Talent Associates throw it away.


Some thoughts from the guys:


‘An interesting topic which doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should.  We all play a part in keeping our environment green!’

‘An eye opener!  How we dispose of rubbish and how it can be recycled’