We all need a little encouragement sometimes – me included!


It’s been a particularly difficult 18 months with an ongoing situation which has made me think more than once about continuing with Growing Talent.

Since January 2018 when this situation arose, 26 people – all vulnerable at the start of their Growing Talent journey – with different ‘labels’ which others – including employers – stereotyped them against, have secured permanent jobs. That would not have been the case if the decision had been made at that time to close Growing Talent back then. Amazing the trouble one person can cause – if you let them!

After going through the latest batch of legal documentation, I found the amazing card below in my mailbox. Heavenly’s thoughts were much needed!

Front of Heavenly’s card…


It’s easy to lose sight of the important stuff and focus on the ultimately insignificant small stuff. All Growing Talent Associates and Graduates will know this from the work we do on the Holistic Week – particularly the Two Wolves.

How lucky am I that Growing Talent Graduates are so empowering. Regardless of the outcome of this particular process 148 people in work through Growing Talent can’t be wrong.

During coffee and catch-up with Debbie – on board 2 years and Michael – 4 years this morning – they inspired me with their thoughts and experiences on their Growing Talent journey and what has happened since. Michael is in a front line role working with PwC’s senior Board members – is this the same, shy man I first met over four years ago? Debbie is known as ‘Mother of the Floor’ guiding her peers – the quiet, calming backbone.

So the lesson here – no matter what happens, focus on what is important and reflect on what you have achieved every now and then – it’s healthy and will help you grow.