What a fab visit to Wilson James!


How professional do Maria & Chelsea look in the feature photo above?  Oooze confidence………………


Love going to Wilson James’s Fleet Street offices – so much history locally and the architecture when you look skywards is amazing.  How did they do that without power tools!


Chelsea and Julie


Chelsea & Julie

Speaking with Chelsea at her desk, Julie turned round and told me what a fantastic help she had been on a research challenge.  Chelsea uncovered a lot of relevant, valuable information for Julie and her team.


Next I had a catch-up with Charlie on how Chelsea and James have got on – of course I can’t possibly share here!  With the end of Growing Talent 6 looming, all will be revealed soon.




Just as I was leaving, Maria from Growing Talent 7 called out!  She’s really enjoying the work and looking forward to her hard hat and high vis jacket for going out with the construction team!!!  Rest assured, I will get photos!


Watch this space…..