What a line-up!


Portico added a very special item to their recent team talk at their Chiswick Park estate when Natasha presented Growing Talent’s Certificate of Completion to Leah:


Natasha and Leah

The heading in the photo above – Enjoy Work – is apt – Leah most certainly does!


So, having selected Leah all those weeks ago at the beginning of Growing Talent, what where Natasha’s thoughts now?


“We are tremendously proud of Leah! “ – can’t say fairer than that!


After a solid foundation of learning, encouragement and support from Natasha – Client Services Operations Manager, Anna – Lifestyle Reception Manager and the entire team – not forgetting Simon and Martin of course! – Leah is on track for a a great career with Portico.


What will unfold through Leah’s plans, ideas and targets as her career with Portico begins……………