What would you do?


It’s difficult to know workplace etiquette when you’ve been unemployed. Communication is the biggest culprit of angst in the workplace – well anywhere really!

How often have we misunderstood what we have heard from friends, partners etc? We often assume we have heard something and don’t reflect back to make sure we have understood properly. Instead, we usually form and opinion on our assumptions and perceptions.

To reduce the risk of miscommunication, we focus a lot during this week on conflict, body language, tone, perception, assumption, reflection, overthinking etc!

Below are some of the guys working on real workplace case studies experienced over the five years Growing Talent has been running…..

Calum and James
Jordan & Stephan
Miyuki & Sheldon
Romain & Stephen

Preparation, preparation preparation – prevents failure!

Growing Talent Associates are well prepared – are you?