When the going gets tough – get innovative!



Check out the link above for Cherie Atilano’s great initiative #MoveFoodInitiative.

Joining farmers directly with consumers in the Philippines – Cherie’s initiative has saved families from going hungry and farmers from going broke.

So far over 154 tonnes of food has been sold direct to 33,400 families saving 6,000 farmers. A ‘win win’ for both sides.

For every 300kg of food sold, Cherie’s #MoveFoodInitiative gives 15kg of food to feed frontline workers.

In the UK, farmers have been warning their crops will go to waste and not be picked as they need 40,000 pickers! Surely there must be a way of adapting #MoveFoodInitiative here in the UK?

All businesses have had to find ways to adapt under Coronavirus. It really is a matter of survival that starts with one person having an idea.

Time to get creative?