‘When you’re in hell, keep going’ – Sir Winston Churchill


Seems strange using a famous male quote on International Women’s Day but I think it fitting.

We all have our own private ‘hells’ that we have to work through. Like everything, these times don’t last forever.

Every Growing Talent Associate I’ve worked with over the five years the programme has run and every Real Apprentice I worked with on the 7+ years that run showed integrity, grace, compassion, encouragement for each other whilst dealing with their own ‘private hell’.

Of course there is always the odd person who wants to sabotage things for others. They don’t think of the consequences of their actions and are usually very lonely people.

This has been a mixed-up week for me. On Monday I had to deal with a legal issue, Tuesday I ran an information session for 15+ JobCentre Plus managers, yesterday I was part of Women in Business at Carshalton High School – hopefully inspiring and empowering girls with an #ICan attitude. Today was more paperwork on the legal issue and then I received this!


What a difference it made to my day.

Poignantly I’d been nominated to the Mayor of London’s #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign’s #HiddenTalent by someone who had been on Growing Talent some years ago who has dealt with multiple issues since with grit, determination and grace.

It made me realise if you are working in an area to try and benefit others, there will always be those that try to shoot you down. As Winston said ‘keep going’!