Where are you on the Drama Triangle?


Halloween has moved from a Pagen ritual to a festival of fun for children #trickortreating.

Thinking about the Drama Triangle of life, can we train ourselves to move positions?

Stephen B Karpman’s Drama Triangle focuses on people either being a victim or persecutor and drawing others into their viewpoint.

If we know how we behave, is it possible to change? Just as Halloween has changed in meaning – I feel we can all change if we have an honest analysis of ourselves.

What position do you see yourself in on the Drama Triangle?

VICTIM – vulnerable, ‘poor me’? Vulnerability shows your humanity. How powerful would it be to become self-aware of this, and focus on the solution toolkit to get you to be an empowered SURVIVOR instead?

PERSECUTOR – ‘the blamer’ – It’s all your fault. A bit of a bully. Be a CHALLENGER – listen, ask questions get the full picture. Collaboration is far more productive than bullying.

RESCUER – swoop in and fix everyone’s problem. Newsflash – your solution to their problems may not be their solution to their problems. Much more nurturing to become a COACH encouraging them to find their own solution.

So, in the midst of this Halloween weekend that has moved in meaning and with all the uncertainty in the world, at work, with our families and friends, is now the time for that uncomfortable self-analysis to become the person we really want to be rather than continuing to unconsciously display behaviours we may not realise nor like?

Emotional Intelligence Assessments will help you see where you and your team are and develop you to get to where you want to be.

Happy Halloween!