Who’s that girl?


It’s Camilla of course!


Professional, calm, focussed, she looks as though she has worked at PwC More London with the fabulous Portico team for years instead of just over a week!!!


On arrival, I met with Michal and Marcia to learn about Camilla’s journey so far.  Michal shared the various aspects of the role Camilla has learnt so far including meeting room optimisation and operation, interdepartmental liaison for hospitality, room bookings, equipment as well as diffusing a situation calmly through communication.  With numerous floors to look after with slightly different operations as well as evening events the role is ‘full-on’ with a lot to learn and a big team to work with.


Marci and Michael


Marica, seen above with Michal, is a Floor Manager and explained Camilla will learn this specific area during her remaining weeks on Growing Talent. Both were impressed with Camilla’s progress so far and look forward to continuing to support her growth on her return from holiday.


Next week, Camilla is away to the sun with her family to celebrate her mum’s 50th birthday – we’re not jealous at all!


Gary and Camilla


Camilla explained how supportive the team has been since she joined.  She’s learning every day and is even getting used to wearing make-up!  Gary joined us – and got roped into a photo above!  He explained the amazing opportunities ahead for Camilla – she’s just got to go after them!


I left Camilla to return to work and plan her weekend of packing and a christening!