Who’s the winner?…….


….. of Growing Talent 25’s Social Enterprise Challenge…. Annarita for her creative hub to empower girls to stay in school….

Today is the final day of our Orientation Week. Confidence and self-esteem levels are up and anxiety control is in hand as Annarita, Kerry & Naazzaariey go head-to-head presenting their Social Enterprise ideas to a panel of judges – vying for the £50 prize money!

First up is Annarita presenting AnnaMel Creative – an inspiring creative hub in Bromley – an area she knows well. Having suffered self belief issues as a teen, along with her Dyslexia, Annarita ended up leaving school at 14 and being home taught. After a series of mundane jobs, she returned to her creative passion and secured entry to St Martin’s as a mature student studying textile and design. She knows first hand how girls especially need to be inspired to be the best they can be and be knowledgeable of all the diverse opportunities out there.

Annarita’s goal in her hub is to use all forms or art from digital, graphic to film, sound, set design, lighting, costume make-up and the multitude of other career opportunities out there to encores the girls to complete their education with creative arts as their goal for future careers. With a director/screenwriter Aunt and actors in the family, Annarita knows this industry is often overlooked by girls. But it shouldn’t be.

Taking up an abandoned betting shop in Bromley, there would be the opportunity to have taster sessions in all creative areas. Links with local theatres will given hands on expert guidance and digital print companies can link in and showcase opportunities in their field. There will be a gallery section in the hub to display works created by the girls with an annual competition. Expansion will see pop-up shops, roadshows to ensure art becomes reachable for all. Funding is sourced from global sponsorship, selling branded merchandise, art packs etc.

Naazzaariey is up next to present her Nazzies Care Leavers located in South Norwood at an existing community centre for the 18-30 unemployed group who are in/left the care system. The care system in the UK supports young adults up to 25. Having some experience herself, Naazzaariey believes this should be extended. Her mission is to ensure every care leaver is equipped to run their lives effectively. Knowing basic nutrition, finances, DIY, housing rights, life skills including anger management together they will build a stable supportive entity, inclusive to all. An annual party will be the main fundraiser sources along with sponsorship. Every care leaver who completed her year long programme received a certificate of achievement.

Naazzaariey & Kerry – relieved now the presentations are over!

Lastly, Kerry is presenting The Weaver’s Field project. Her goal is to tackle the isolation of young single parents who have no support structure deal with the loneliness of pre-school children. With grant funding from Tower Hamlets council, Kerry plans to start of once a week with parents using one half of the hall to discuss everyday issues, book clubs whilst their children play in the other half supervised by volunteers. In good weather, they can use the adventure playground outside.

Kerry plans to build the parent’s confidence week by week with life skills, recognising their own talents, how to make money and how to plan a future career as their children grow.

Linking with GP practices, baby clinics, Kerry will also be networking face-to-face on local estates to ensure those who need this service, get it!

Today our judges are: Michelle from PwC, Melina & Lina from ISS, Anna from JCP and head judge – Allen from PwC.

Check back to see how well the guys get on…..