Windows 95 – not a computer system…..


How is this for a Friday thought! Or maybe that should be an everyday thought?

On Growing Talent, we have people of all ages, cultures, religions, social backgrounds all individual and unique. In every programme there will be people with different views. What is stark is how many don’t know why they hold those views! They’ve never questioned where they came from.

Clinging to long held thoughts and opinions are fine, in my view if:

  • We’ve reviewed them regularly to ensure they still align with our values and ethics today
  • Listened to others’ contrasting thoughts and opinions with an open mind to either change our view or agree to differ with theirs. Of course, we may change their views once they’ve listened to ours with an equally open mind!

What isn’t right, in my view, is:

  • Shouting down or seeking to cancel someone if their view is different to ours
  • Sharing someone’s view without truly understanding it – especially when reposting

How do we understand what are the right views for us – whether long held or planted by someone else?

For me, asking curious questions to explore why we think, feel or behave a certain way will aid us to always remain true to our personal values.

Leading with kindness at home and at work will support curious questions.

What do you think?