World Fact?


The feature photo and quote of Jack Ma is from Twitter.  Posted by The World Economic Forum.  Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba – the worlds largest online business.


Do you agree with his thoughts?  On the face of it, it looks like a ‘no brainer’ but not just for America.  Just about every country on every continent has exercised the practice of keeping the wealth for a select minority rather than spreading it to all citizens.


We see it here in the UK.  Communities and people that are ‘written off’.  Left and forgotten.


So, what lesson can Growing Talent Associates learn from this highly, ineffective global practice?


You get more respect and confidence when you share your knowledge and encouragement with others.  An act of kindness costs nothing but can have a huge impact.


When you examine the countries  around the world, even the ones with war and famine, the capital city is always prestige, the Government and elite are well dressed and clearly well fed yet some of their people are eating mud for food.  Sending money in the form of foreign aid eases consciouses and ticks a box aid but does it really work or do the donations find their way into the ‘wrong pockets’?


Greed is the root cause of this practice.  We aren’t going to combat this quickly.  So what can we learn?


At Growing Talent we focus on inclusivity – everyone has a valid opinion and point of view.  We encourage ‘camaraderie’ – keeping an eye out for each other.  By continuing these values once Growing Talent has ended, we become not only rich and powerful in integrity but so do those around us.  Positivity can spread as quickly as negativity if we let it.


What a much better, inclusive world it could be…………..  Maybe global leaders could learn from Growing Talent? Now there is a thought……..