World Mental Health rolls around again!


Each year on October 10th the world embraces World Mental Health Day – a day to put the spotlight on the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

Is it enough to just do this once a year?

At Growing Talent, we know it isn’t. We build in tools to recognise where our emotional temperature is, how to build resilience to challenge negative thoughts and ensure everyone is trained in emotional intelligence, impacts of behaviours and @I-act Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing inline with ISO45003 workplace psychological safety as part of their Orientation and Holistic week.

Shouldn’t every workplace ensure their teams are trained to this level?

On 10th October, why not make a pledge to give respect to your mind health as well as your physical health every day.

We automatically brush our teeth twice a day to ensure our oral hygiene and health is as good as possible. How powerful would it be to our mind to give it the same four minutes a day in distractive fun? Consistent practice over 3 weeks will lead to an automatic habit and we will build a more resilient mind without much effort.

What say you? Worth a try?