World Teachers Day!


None of us get where we want to be without guidance from others.

They teach us what we need to know, share the knowledge they’ve gained on their journey whilst enabling us to learn in our own way, at our own pace.

Teachers come in all guises. From parents/guardians, siblings, school teachers, teaching assistants, lecturers, coaches, mentors, corporate instructors – the list goes on.

Of course, we are all teachers in our own way. Sharing our knowledge on hobbies, community knowledge and so on.

World Health Organisation introduced World Teachers Day to reflect and respect all teachers across the world. Some work in affluent countries with vast resources others work in remote locations with much less in their resources toolkit.

One thing is for sure. All teachers have a passion to leave their students better than they found them – not only with more knowledge but more self confidence, self belief and the determination to get where they want to be.

Regardless of their location, not only have teachers had the pressure of Covid19 to deal with but the fear of their students and the pressures within their own families.

Respect and recognition to all teachers everywhere – you do an amazing job!