#WorldFoodDay 2017


October 16 2017 is World Food Day.  For us in the West food is something we don’t think about.  Nor do we think about how wasteful we are?  If we looked at the £1.20 we throw in the bin instead of the mouldy lettuce we brought ‘just in case we fancy a salad’.  Would we still be so wasteful?


How much money could we save with food planning for the week?  Knowing ahead what we are going to cook rather than being spontaneous and get lots of different ingrediants ‘just in case’.  Fine, if these are non-perishable.  But why buy salad and diary products etc without planning?


We are literally throwing money in the bin!  Not to mention the unseen cost of production and impact on the environment.


Maybe now is the time to start planning meals like generations past.  When rationing was still in following the great wars, people had to be inventive and plan.  There was little food waste.  What’s happened to us since?  Who is it ‘convenient to” when we overspend due to not planning and then are overly wasteful?  Not our finances for sure.  The shops and producers?  For sure – they’ll keep producing all the time demand is there.


Maybe not planning is another reason for the recent increase in obesity of our populations.


At Growing Talent, we deliver nutrition and personal finance to address this issue but how many carry on with it once money isn’t as tight?  I know I’m guilty of not planning and being over wasteful – are you?


Let’s be mindful of our food wastage on National Food Day. There will be a noticeable benefit to our finances and a long term investment in our health and the environment.