X Factor – Growing Talent Style!


So the day dawned – Thursday 6 October – when the preparation, practice and rehearsals infront of bathroom mirrors would pay off.  Yes, Growing Talent’s Social Enterprise Presentations before a judging panel comprising managers from various employers.


Having picked numbers at random for the running order, the programme was:


1     Reychelle & Julian – an after school programme for children affected by mental health or any issue which troubled them.  To build trust  and confidence to share their issues and get the appropriate help.


2     Amy & Anna’s idea linked ex-offenders and homeless people to a confidence building programme for employment.


3.     Sara devised an annual idea at Olympia involving stalls focusing on all areas of mental health and supportive therapies.


4.      Halgan focussed on a local park where the 1st stage was some all weather equipment.  Development was to build a permanent structure.


5.       Chris – presented an idea to get children out of the home, away from computers and learn different sports and nutrition.


6.       Liliana –  created a safe environment for children dealing with difficult family/cultural issues get help to break the cycle of abuse.


7.        Ann – wanted to unite the community in her local village where parents and the elderly are often isolated.


After all the preparation, Anna & Amy couldn’t present their idea.  Amy arrived really early and really ill.  She was sent home in a taxi to rest up!

The judges were Anna from JobCentre Plus – the lead co-ordinator for Growing Talent, Dan from ME Hotels, Dan from PwC, Ebb from Holiday Inn/RedefineBDL and Helen from Southwark Cathedral.  So impressed where the judges on the content and delivery, deliberations went on for some time.


Finally, agreement was reached and Chris was determined to be the winner collecting his prize money below from Dan



Following some paperwork, the Associates left early to reflect and prepare for their site visits Friday 7th!