‘You don’t deserve the ceramic cup – your position does’…..


One of the truest lessons any politician has shared……


I’ll leave you to watch the film and draw your own conclusions.  For me the key lesson is never forget where you came from on your journey up the career ladder, because you will surely be coming down it at some point.


Some years back a Board Director said to me ‘you are only as good as your last award’.  The company is typical of many.  They see employees as numbers not people with talent and value.


It’s interesting when you listen to members of the armed forces they talk about their ‘brothers and sisters’ – meaning their colleagues and how they never leave anyone behind – meaning if someone needs help up, they’ll give it.


What a refreshing world if the same ethos was used in companies – how productive and sustainable they would be.  Despite the internal rumblings within all families, they support each other and fight as a united front.  Would there be so many big companies failing  if they ran their business as a family instead of focussing purely on the numbers?  Maybe a mindset change is needed….


‘Sacrifice numbers for people’ vs ‘sacrifice people for numbers’…..