Award Winners at Portico…..


Impeccable Service Award  – Winner – Dan K


Dan joined Growing Talent last year.   He has worked at one of their prestigious accounts in Embankment since and always received great feedback.


The following illustrates why the award is given:


“Impeccable service anticipates your needs; it sees to the details and offers an unparalleled level of attentiveness.  People are the greatest asset at Portico, they bring value to our clients and their customers.  This award is aimed at the individual who prides themselves in the ability to be the best and striving to achieve excellence, exudes confidence and always has a positive mind.”  No surprise Dan won this!


The ‘Extra Mile’ Award -presented to Debbie S.


Debbie was part of Growing Talent 12.  Her GSOH, ability to think on her feet, approachable nature and can do outlook made her stand out so early she went quickly into permanent employment!


“What kinds of emotion are triggered when we experience a welcoming feeling and the teams create a warm sense of belonging the moment we arrive?  Delivering outstanding customer service stems back to getting people engaged enthused and focussed, putting themselves into the client’s shoes.  This award is aimed at the individual who constantly pushes the boundaries and challenges the norm in order to expand and improve the service, who does whatever it takes in order to ensure a seamless client journey.”  This perfectly sums up Debbie!  I’m not at all surprised she won.


Of course credit to Portico for their excellent training and encouragement of all Growing Talent Associates on their journey.


It’s great to see so many now supporting those following them on the journey back into employment.


Impeccable integrity of the unemployed who are nurtured to believe in themselves, raise their aspirations and re-start their careers at Growing Talent!