Final Stages of Growing Talent 14!


Last week saw the Holistic Week for the remaining Growing Talent Associates.  Starting back in August with a small group of 7 – one had left due to the early shifts and one because she liked to personally express herself which didn’t fit with the 5* environment uniform.  Antana had started at ME London as a House Keeping Team Member leaving,  Asher, Chi, Keane and Pauline to immerse themselves in the week long holistic workshops.


Monday kicked the week off with Part l of the global MHFA course.  This completed on Tuesday.  Making all four new Mental Health First Aiders!  During the week knowledge was also shared on waste recycling, nutrition on a budget, fitness ideas without a gym, visit to an art gallery, art class and a personal finance workshop.


So what did the guys make of this week of ‘soft skill’ knowledge?……


‘MHFA provides an insight into different ways of problem solving and approaching issues.

‘The Art Gallery visit was fun.’

‘The nutrition workshop was interactive’

“Growing Talent really helps people not work”

“I have a better understanding of money management now’

‘I was really surprised I could draw after this class’

‘I’m glad to have made it this far.  I’m naturally not a scholar but it’s been great’


Watch this space to see how ll progress on………..