Introducing our new awesome cheerleaders for Growing Talent!


A massive shout out to our new @Growing_Talent cheerleaders from London and the South East region of JobCentre Plus.

The superstars listed have taken on the additional responsibility of cheerleading Growing Talent programmes locally so all of their teams can explore this opportunity with their customers.

Why does JobCentre Plus support Growing Talent when it is not a Government funded programme? As the senior lead at DWP said:

“I am really keen that we get Growing Talent well and truly back on everyone’s radar as I know it works.”

@Growing_Talent is a collaborative journey into work for unemployed people who have lost their ‘mojo’.


The unique Growing Talent collaboration includes, employers, those currently unemployed with hidden talent, JobCentre Plus across London and niche charities working in this area.

Zero cost.
Robust pre-onboarding aligned with ISO45003.
Ring fenced permanent job.
Giving control back to unemployed people
Delivering higher retention, diversity and inclusion to employers as well as a key differentiator against competitors in bid processes

What’s not to like?

Get in touch if you want to know more….