Jane Rules the World…………. Well, Baxter Storey’s at least!


Just had the most amazing news from Greg Bramwell over at Baxter Storey.  Jane, who only completed Growing Talent in April this year, is already an Acting Manager covering maternity leave and took responsibility for hosting one of Baxter Storey’s clients at a prestigious evening event!


Although she wouldn’t agree, Jane is truely a trailblazer for Growing Talent.  Seeing every challenge as an opportunity, Jane pushed herself forward throughout her time on Growing Talent.  Supporting the her peers, the teams and managers at the multiple sites she worked at.  In the feature photo above, you can see Jane on the right with Sarah one of the managers at an account in Hammersmith.


Jane’s commitment, tenacity and spirit paid off when she was employed in a higher capacity to the role Baxter Storey initiatlly had in mind.


The above shows, the story continues when the programme has ended.  Jobs truely can grow into careers if, like Jane, you grasp the opportunities that are presented to you.