Job Alert!


“I’m very grateful for the assistance Growing Talent gave me.  I’m finally a working man again”, Alenchenu


Speaking on starting work early with Mitie Total Document Management within their Rapid Response team at PwC, Embankment Place London effective from 1 June 2015.


Alenchenu has been enthused about working from the start of Growing Talent.  His determination and hunger has paid off early.  The regular salary will enable Alenchenu to make plans including explore courses in his passion for robotics in the production of prosthetics.


What a journey it’s been for Alenchenu.


At the Employer’s Selection day, Alenchenu in the blue shirt, already networking with his future line manager – Pauline to his left!



During the Orientation Week delivering a presentation……………


PwC Embankment Place

Now working here with Pauline and the team at Embankment Place, London!

Well done Alenchenu!