New stage in the Growing Talent journey….


Introducing our new, innovative 2nd part information session for interested applicants. Designed to build connection with employers – BEFORE meeting them at the selection stage – connection with their peers and Growing Talent but most important of all – closing the gap within themselves.

When you are unemployed, you can feel invisible. Especially if you have other issues to deal with – single parent, homeless, in an abusive relationship etc. The gap within yourself – where you are to where you want to be – can feel insurmountable.

This event is the start of closing that gap. Whether applicants choose to go forward, or not.

On Growing Talent no participant goes on their journey alone. We will help you push through your fear to close the gap within.

So what’s involved in this stage? Well as everyone will know who has already worked with me, no one gets an ‘easy ride’ – including our fabulous, insightful employers.

All parts illustrated in the pic take place over one morning commencing with:

Spotlight Employers – Managers from hiring employers will share their journey to their current role, give insight into their company, what they like about it – maybe what they don’t like too!, before sharing their top tips on how to impress when you meet employers. After a short Q&A – they will leave – but return later!

Debate – why aren’t you currently working? what’s going wrong? what needs improving? In anything we are going to do, it’s important to recognise why we are doing it. This is the foundation of success.

London Challenge – collaborating in small groups, applicants devise an idea to make London a better place – blue sky thinking. The managers return to listen to their ideas and share their thoughts.

Networking – over refreshments, applicants and managers chat about anything. The managers then leave to return to their commitments.

Lastly – Decision time! At this point, applicants will have the information they need and instinct to know whether they want to go forward. Those who do progress to – Photo Profile – more about this in the next post tomorrow.


There are many people and organisations involved in the Growing Talent collaboration. A massive ⭐ to you all including Adrienne Simpson (always a cool head in a crisis), Adam Bushell, Allen Salmon, Rob Matthews (Anna) @DavidSteeds – Teams at JobCentre Plus – London wide, HERETOGA LTD (Izzy), #Mencap (Mark Capper & team) & Southwark Care Leavers. (Matthew Izekor), Mark & his awesome colleagues who do our room set-ups (and doesn’t flinch when I change the set up last minute!) #NGBailey, the canapé gurus BaxterStorey whose food makes the participants feel special & of course – our awesome employers who will be joining us in September (whoever they are!)

Advanced thanks to our sponsors. In these times of financial prudence, they immediately said ‘yes’ when I pitched this new format – which will cost them more money!!! So a huge thanks to them from everyone who will benefit.