She thought she could so……..


Great to catch-up with Chyna. It’s now six months since she completed @Growing_Talent and joined @Pilgrims with @Lasse and their team at a global financial services Firm in London.

At the start of her journey, Chyna naturally had self-doubt stepping outside her comfort zone into unknown territory. Who wouldn’t?

But she thought she could – so she did! With mentoring and nurturing from Lasse and their team, Growing Talent and JobCentre Plus any ‘trip hazard’ in Chyna’s path was identified and dealt with.

Now loving the world of corporate security, Chyna is learning every day.

How about you?

Ready to recruit a different way?

Or looking for a job and fed-up of the endless silent responses in your applications?

Why not consider Growing Talent? Next London programme commences in May 2024 – are you in?