Speed dating? Not so fast now….


Up to now, our first stage employer selection was via a fast and exciting speed dating session.

In small groups applicants would rotate around the employer tables collectively spending about 10-15 minutes per table.

Employers would have received core information lifted from applicants registration form ahead of the session. This information was never the usual things you might think but focussed on applicants’ passions and aspirations. This could be quite a challenge for both employers and applicants who had never met before and have zero knowledge of each other.

Now we’ve slooooooooowed things down. The steps up to this point have been designed to enable employer and unemployed to have met previously and got to know each other through various tasks.

In pairs, applicants will spend 20 minutes at each employer table, building on the connections formed on the journey so far.

This will result in more confidence, empowerment leading to better decisions being made.